At 60, Barack Obama Could Still run for President Again

Former US president Barack Obama turned 60 for the first time in his life this week. His plan for a huge birthday celebration may not work out well since Republicans and other enemies want him to turn sixty alone, something that’s unacceptable among black people. Although he had dis-invited the 44,500 people on the initial guest list, Republicans will hear none of it and not even 500 people is a good number.

However, the news that is not making news is that Obama is still young enough to be an American president again. This is if we consider that he is African by DNA and in Africa, all things are possible.

The United States seems to be in acute shortage of good presidential candidates, with old age being a major threat to good governance. The current president and all the possible future candidates are all advanced in age, something that has forced the secret service to start training as nursing homes attendants.

Can Barack Obama Become President Again?

While the US constitution has an 8 year term limit, there is always a way around most difficult problems, one that does not involve hellfire missiles.

How would this be possible?

Being an African at heart, Obama can learn from what other African presidents have done. Everywhere from Southern to Northern Africa, from Eastern to Western Africa, presidents have always found ways to do the impossible.

A simple way around this problem is to bend the constitution to say that the president cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms. This means that anybody who serves for two terms has reached a limit, and is free to come back after four years and become president again.

Unfortunately, this would mean that Donald Trump could end up becoming president for another 4 years!

Happy birthday Barack Obama.

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