Raila, “Judiciary not Good for my Mental Health”

Former Prime Minister and senior partner in the handshake government Hon Raila Odinga has expressed concerns that the courts in Kenya are working hard against his well being.

Following a Court of Appeal decision to throw out the BBI appeal, Raila raised concerns that the Judiciary has consistently done him harm, and was preparing to do even more harm at the Court of Appeal.

“It is hard being Raila. The people like you, but the judiciary does not do its part. I won in 2007 but the judiciary swore in Kibaki at night. I won in 2013 but the Judiciary did not listen. I won again in 2017 but this time, the Judiciary acted like they cared, but three months down the line they swore in Uhuru. I even tried to start a parallel judiciary and swear myself in but that did not work due to competition from the main judiciary. This judiciary thing does not work for me.”

Raila noted that even when he was detained in 1982 following the attempted coup, it is the Judiciary that facilitated his detention without trial for many years. All the victories he’s had in life have happened in spite of the Judiciary.

“That thing called Judiciary can really task your mental health. I, and we all, need some form of break.”

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