Ruto Promises to Pay Back Four times as Much to anyone he has Stolen from, if Elected President

Deputy President William Ruto is on track to become the fifth president of Kenya, thanks to his tenacity, support from like minded people, and being hated by the president who is hated by many people. Since your enemy’s enemy is your friend, Ruto has found love among Kenyans who will send him to State House as a lesson to Uhuru Kenyatta and associated dynasties.

With his well-oiled campaign machine, William Ruto has managed to get most of the Kenyan voters behind him, with the exception of voters from Nyanza region and a few pockets that are royal to their tribal kingpins. It is expected that come Tuesday, 9th August 2022, William Ruto will be in State House by 9 am.

Tainted by Corruption

However, Ruto’s image is not without blemish, for even his close allies admit that corruption is his Achilles’ heel when it comes to governance. He has been accused of stealing, both directly and indirectly through his foot soldiers, although experts agree that he has not stolen more than what dynasties have stolen in the last 56 years.

While some have asked for amnesty on all corruption deals done before 2022 if the perpetrators promise to return all ill-gotten wealth, William Ruto has gone a step further and promised to pay back four times as much to anyone he has stolen from, including the country. This will happen if he is elected president.

“I am inspired by the actions of Zacchaeus in the Bible, who decided to repay back all the money he had stolen from people, four times over. If I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount, just like Zacchaeus.”

Ruto added that he will only do that if elected president, just like Zacchaeus who did the same after meeting Jesus. “Zacchaeus had to meet and dine with Jesus, and my meeting Jesus in this case will be going to State House. Once I dine in State House, I will definitely do my part and pay back everything I have stolen.”

Giving Possessions to the Poor

Ruto’s promise is not just a political promise, like what politicians do when they need votes. His close supporters have pointed out that Ruto has already began living the promise, which started with giving out his possessions to the poor.

“Zacchaeus also promised to give half his possessions to the poor, and Ruto is already doing that. In fact, his opponents have accused him of being too generous and giving brown envelopes full of money to churches, hustlers, schools and other unmanned people. This is a sign that he is a man on a path to do just what he promised.”

The new promise further strengthens his bottom up economic model that he has been advocating for, since the money he will pay will mostly go to the people at the bottom.

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