Wash Wash Guys Good for the Economy – KRA

The Kenya Revenue Authority has downplayed fears that the wash wash guys were harmful to the economy, and instead announced that some of them are leading taxpayers in the country.

Following public outcry after Edgar Obare exposed the wash wash industry, KRA said that the economic benefits of the industry have been felt since the people pay taxes, and a lot of it.

“When they have a high end salon to clean the money, they have to pay all the applicable taxes, including the relevant permits to the government. This means that the government gets its fair share of taxes, which is hard to get if money circulates underground. The government wins.”

KRA added that although some of the dealings of the wash wash guys are questionable, that is a matter that can be investigated by the DCI or Serious Crimes Unit, if only they had an interest to, and KRA is not involved.

“If someone steals, we are only interested in ensuring that the person pays the required taxes. Matters to do with theft we leave them to the government. Our mandate is revenue and that is what we are efficient in. We ensure that even the thieves pay taxes because they are doing the stealing within the boundaries of Kenya.”

Records from KRA showed that some of the wash wash guys were leading taxpayers in the country, although they do not run any known business.

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