Kenya Power Calls on the Poor to Embrace Electric vehicles

Kenya Power has called on Kenyans who cannot afford petrol to consider using electric cars as their primary means of transport.

Seeking to cash in on the high fuel prices, Kenya Power said that electricity prices are fairly stable and those complaining should take action and use electric cars.

“Complaining never makes anything better. Just find an electric car and oil prices will no longer bother you. They are cheaper to run and maintain, and you can benefit from Kenya’s green energy supplied by Kenya Power. Those who are rich can continue driving their guzzlers but the poor among you should now be talking to Opibus instead of Toyota Kenya, and using NopeaRide instead of Uber. Think and grow rich!”

Previously, Kenya Power had even sought to have electric vehicles charging monopoly in Kenya, but they forgot to follow up after the initial proposal.

Blackout Problem

When the question of regular power cuts was raised, Kenya Power said that there are several ways around that. “If there is a blackout and you have an electric car, you could take that as a cue to take a break. You can also decide to walk, but this is of little economic value. Two to three blackouts a day should not be a big deal.”

Currently, there are several firms making electric cars in Kenya, with one offering an electric car powered by a diesel generator.

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