“Had they Killed a Rhino Instead of my Two Sons, they would be in Jail by now.” – Dad to Kianjokoma Brothers

The six police officers who murdered Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura in Embu County would have been hanged by now, had they killed a rhino instead of the two brothers.

The painful observation was made by the father of the two Kianjokoma brothers who is still unable to speak due to the pain involved.

“If the officers had shot dead an elephant or even a rhino right here in Mt Kenya forest, by now they would have been hanged for the crime they did. Unfortunately, they only killed two human beings, and will thus continue playing hide and seek with the courts, until everyone forgets and moves on.”

The distraught father cited Willie Kimani’s case which is still dragging on more than five years later, with little or no hope of a conviction. He argued that the case for Kianjokoma brothers was slowly taking the same route and as soon as public interest fades, the case will be delayed indefinitely.

Already, the accused have already started the cat and mouse game, demanding for the bodies to be exhumed, and changing lawyers in order to delay the case. If it was a poaching case, the officers would have been shot dead before they were arrested, and the cause of death would have been a wild animal attack.

Earlier, it was reported that the Judiciary is working hard to conclude the case within 21 working years.

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