Seven Arrested at The BigFish Restaurant for Eating Without Masks on

Seven patrons at the famous BigFish Restaurant were yesterday arrested after they were found eating at The BigFish Restaurant without their masks on.

The early morning clients were enjoying a variety of meals when an idle and extremely bored policeman stumbled upon the premises and noticed that the five men and two men were eating without their masks on. The policeman called for reinforcement and the seven were promptly arrested, where they spent the Friday night Parklands Police Station.

According to the arresting, the seven were arrested for violating Covid-19 protocols.

“They were all eating and laughing, and you could literally see their mouths go open and shut, open and shut, open and shut. Zero respect for Covid-19 protocols, and the only person who had a mask had it on their chin.”

The officers said that Covid-19 protocols must be adhered to even in restaurants, requiring patrons to keep their mouths covered at al times. “The mask mandate applies in all situations. If there were exceptions, we would have told you. Unfortunately, there are not. Either you mask up or get locked up.”

The Law is a Fish

The arrest drew mixed reactions, with the restaurant still trying to figure out how best to comply with the regulations. Restaurant owner Bradox Osumo said that while they advocate for wearing masks and social distancing, they are yet to figure out how to get people to eat with their masks on. Yet, the mask mandate requires one to wear the mask at all times.

“These regulations are just too slippery to grasp. Restaurants are open and are required to ensure social distance and masks. However, how do you expect people to eat? This is a restaurant, not a cybercafé.”

Even the policemen could not explain how the patrons were expected to eat, but simply insisted that that the law must be followed. Perhaps, restaurants should only serve air and ambience.

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