Museveni Orders for the Arrest of his Tailor after Fitting Suit Gaffe

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has ordered for the immediate arrest of his tailor after the tailor forced him to wear a fitting suit during a recent trip to Dubai.

The president who is known to be very conscious about the 80’s fashion was forced to wear a fitting suit made by his tailor, something the president did not like. Usually, the president likes his suits with enough allowances for future repairs and to hide anything of value. However, this time round, the tailor seems to have stolen most of the material and made Museveni a fitting suit.

“Where did the material go?” Wondered an angry Museveni. “I paid the usual amount and did not expect the tailor to steal all the cloth and make me a body-hugging suit. This is high level corruption.”

Museveni ordered the police to ensure that the tailor is arrested, the missing cloth recovered, and the tailor jailed in a maximum prison to set an example for other tailors.

“He has never lied to me. Neither has he ever been late like all other tailors I had before him. However, it is a shame that he chose to steal some part of the cloth and ended up make a fitting suit. This is unacceptable.”

By the time of going to the press, the tailor had not been found.

RIP tailor.

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