Grandma Thwarts Home Break-in Attempt with Cooking Oil and Hot Water

Lao Tzu was right. There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent. Some robbers in Kenya learnt this the hard way.

Six armed robbers met their match when an attempt to break into a house were thwarted by a 91-year-old granny in Eldoret, Kenya.

The men who are believed to be part of a gang that has been terrorizing residents in Eldoret Town found their match after they broke into the home of a wealthy granny who owns several wheat farms. They had timed their attacked to coincide with the time when farmers receive payments for their produce.

The six men tried to get into the house unsuccessfully, before using a tractor parked nearby as a battering ram. However, this process took more than 15 minutes, giving the granny enough time to act. By this time, the watchman guarding the home had fled. Neighbors did not respond to the alarm.

According to the police report, the granny poured 20 liters of cooking oil in the house, making the floor extremely slippery. The thugs lost traction as soon as they walked in, ad their mission became very dangerous.

It is at this point that the granny unleashed her secret weapon; boiling water from the house’ electric water heater. As soon as three men slid and fell down, the granny emptied more than 100 liters of hot boiling water on the floor, severely burning the three men and causing panic in the team. The thugs aborted their mission.

Police have now asked anybody with information about 3 men with second degree burns to report to the nearest police station. Meanwhile, the granny is now busy assembling a flamethrower ready for the next invasion.

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