OKA to Build Bedsitters Under the Nairobi Expressway

The One Kenya Alliance (OKA) principals have announced a plan to build bedsitters under the Nairobi Expressway, an initiative that will solve 60% of all problems facing Kenya today.

Announcing the plan, OKA principals Musalia Mudavadi (ANC), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Kanu chairman Gideon Moi and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula said that the Expressway could become the greatest blessing to Kenya if utilized well. By building bedsitters under the expressway, the expressway will pay for itself, provide affordable housing, and reduce vehicles on the road since people will be living near their work places.

Huge Income from Bedsitters

“There is no need for Kenyans to pay to use a road. We can build accommodation facilities under the elevated highway and use the income generated to pay for the road. The excess income will then be used to build more elevated highway, hence more bedsitters, and more money. It will be an infinite loop of income.”

The bedsitters will also reduce commute time for Nairobians, since people will live next to their workplaces. “If you work at the University of Nairobi, you will get a bedsitter somewhere between University Way and Wangari Mathai road interchange. If you work at Safaricom you get one in Westlands. Those working at JKIA will get the bedsitters near Cabanas. No need for unnecessary commute.”

The principals said that the 26km Nairobi Expressway has a bedsittable length of 21.4 km, once you factor in the roundabouts, footbridges and interchanges. This would translate to about 160,000 bedsitters, with a monthly income of KShs 1.2 billion. “We will have bedsitters on both sides of the road, and since the road is high enough, we can have up to three floors in some places.”

Pollution and Environmental Concerns

The principals explained that they have already thought about possible threats to their plan, including health concerns due to exhaust gases from the vehicles. “Once you get your bedsitter with one window, you will be required to cover the window with a wet cloth which will filter any smoke from getting into your house. The air you breathe will be as good as the one in Karen.”

They also said that the highway drainage will be used to carry away waste such as sewage, while NMS trucks will provide water to the residents since all the houses are accessible through the Expressway.

The bedsitters will also come in handy for the University of Nairobi students who are facing accommodation crisis. Currently, there are plans to convert the Michuki Memorial Park into a slum for the students, but the expressway bedsitters may see the plans shelved.