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Increasing Number of Adults Addicted to Cocomelon

A study has shown that 67% of all parents are now addicted to the popular children YouTube channel Cocomelon, with some even spending more time on the channel than their kids.

In what experts refer to as the greatest parenting crisis of the 21st Century, parents are no longer parenting, but sitting back and binging on Cocomelon all day. Children are left unattended and the best they can do is join their parents in watching Cocomelon. Of course, it is on auto play or repeat mode.

The effects are felt all over.

“It is another pandemic. You find them humming the songs in the office. Some dancing to the songs in the privacy of their homes. You find fully grown human beings discussing the merits and demerits of Miss AppleBerry. Others have bookmarked the YouTube channel for easy access.”

Addictive Cocomelon

One mother confessed to being addicted to Cocomelon, where she watches several videos with volume muted after kids fall asleep. Another one confessed that she pretends to be watching over their kid while the kid watches Cocomelon, while in real sense they are equally enjoying the show. Another bearded man and father also said that Cocomelon was more enjoyable than watching his team Manchester United FC Play.

One parent is rumored to have checked in at a Rehabilitation Center after the Cocomelon kept ringing inside their head for two months. This made it impossible for her to work after her maternity leave ended. In an extreme case, a keyboardist in a local church was absent mindedly playing a Cocomelon track as background music while the preacher was preaching.

Overcoming the Cocomelon Siren

By 2030, Cocomelon will become the standard music even for adults. This is an inevitable coup. Those addicted are requested to just give their addiction time, until Cocomelon becomes mainstream. Then, no one will judge them.

Even other less known kids channel on YouTube such as Woza Kids will get you addicted. It is a movement where kids are taking over.

Perhaps, the solution is to know that the age of music is over, and an age of Cocomelon has started. One day, people who listen to Cocomelon all day will be sitting in the UN security council, and world peace will be attained.

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