Prophet Turns Out to be Just a Statistics Nerd

A prophet who had taken thousands captives with his ability to make very accurate prophecies has left many disappointed after it was discovered that he is just a guy with advanced knowledge in statistics.

The leader of Precision Prophecies Ministries in Nairobi Kenya had gained followers by his many prophecies that came true. He would tell congregants whether they would get a salary increment, but only after assessing their performance and the state of their employers. He would prophesy the grades that children would get in school, but only after checking their track record. He would even prophesy if Kenya would get enough rains, although he has several contacts at the met department.

Wowed by his prophecies, many people flocked to his church. He was the go to prophet when one needed the future foretold. He amazed many by his accurate prophecies, despite the fact that he knew little about the Bible. He had even quoted the book of Abraham at some point.

Only recently did the whole truth see the light. His past had some hidden insights.

The prophet had a degree in Actuarial Science from a local university, after which he acquired a second degree in economics. The man had previously worked as a forecasting analyst with a Fortune 500 company. He later went to set up his own consultancy firm as a futurist, where he consulted for big organization including the Government of China and the Bill Gates Foundation. He was still a consultant with McKinsey.

Red Flags

Nobody had noticed the red flags.

However, some people who had read their bible were uncomfortable that the prophecies were about events that did not add value. He would prophesy about politics, jobs, marriages and school grades, things that did not add value to the church.

His church had been growing in numbers because he had been preaching what the masses wanted to hear. It was all statistics in action.

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