TSC Blames School Fires on Revolution of the Earth around the Sun

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has come out to defend teachers on accusation that they are exasperating children to the point of making them burn down schools. Instead, TSC argues that incidences of school fires are caused by the revolution of the earth around the sun, and nothing can be done about it.

While giving a recommendation to have students charged 20x the damage they cause, TSC chair Nancy Macharia noted that all the explanations for the strikes are mere speculations, and only one sure thing that can account for the increased school fires.

“Teachers have not changed. Covid-19 is affecting even primary school kids and you do not see them burning down schools. School rules have not changed since January. The same high-handed teachers were there in April and no one was burning schools. Living conditions have not gotten worse. There are no major exams coming up this year. How then do you explain the fires?

The chair went ahead to give a damning revelation.

“It follows that the only logical explanation is that the position of the earth on its orbit around the sun matters a lot. It is why the fire comes during a specific period and then disappear. It is not rocket science. Ask the science teachers.”

While many explanations have been given for the school fires, TSC’s position is the most credible since it does not cast blame on anyone.

It is a revolution.

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