Bachelor Advertises Himself On A Billboard In Search Of A Wife

Finding love is not a sashay in the park especially in this era where character development is served hot and spicy. Muhammad Malik understands this assignment well, and has mastered a strategy to scoop a fortune.

The 29-year old bachelor from London uses billboards in the UK city of Birmingham to advertise his pursuit for a suitable suitor.

His creativity is top notch, so is his uncharted copywriting skills that are evident on the billboard, “Save me from an arranged marriage.”

He also adds his website link so that potential wives can find it easy to get un touch and find out what he’s looking for.

The london-based bank consultant admits to have tried a number of ways to meet women before coming up with the billboard idea.

In a video he posted in the website, Malik says he is an entrepreneur, a foodie, religious and looking for someone who’s working on her Din (the Islamic way of life that defines a Muslim individual’s social and personal code) and whose “banter has to be 100.”

Marriages in Islam are often arranged by the two families of the bride and groom. This tradition ensures that Muslim marriages are based on compatibility rather than lustful feelings.

It is believed that arranged marriages are less likely to end in divorce.

Malik however puts it clear that he’s not against arranged marriages. In his website, Find Malik a Wife, he says “arranged marriages have a place and tradition in many Islamic cultures, I just want to try and find someone on my own first.”

The eligible bachelor says he has received hundreds of messages from prospective partners expressing interest.

“I haven’t had the time to look through yet,” he said, “I need to set some time aside – I hadn’t thought this part through.”

The billboards are set to remain up untill 14 January.

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