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Black Tax Evasion now a Crime in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has become the first country in the world to criminalize black tax evasion.

President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré signed the new bill into law, which will see every eligible person paying their fair share of black tax. The law will also ensure that there is minimal black tax avoidance.

The black tax law in Burkina Faso was necessitated by the high unemployment rate that stands at 77%, making it necessary for those with means to look after those without. This is one solution to fighting the endemic poverty that has crippled the little-known West African country.

“We have created the first law in the world that will see an institutionalized approach to black tax. We will have a black tax body that will follow up with the poor to see that their rich relatives are sharing everything with them.”

The president said that the move was not new, as Burkinabe people have always shared with family and friends. “Our communities have always thrived by some form of communal sharing. Those with means must always share with those who do not have. The poor must be helped to survive because in the next generation, the rich might become the poor and the current rich will need the current poor to survive. Life is a cycle and we insure it with black tax.”

37.9% Black Tax

The new black tax in Burkina Faso received support from most of the Members of the National Assembly. Most of them are used to giving handouts to the electorate.

“Black tax is the only sustainable path to ensuring that every Burkinabe has food on the table. We will ensure that every person of means pays their fair of black tax. There is no point in having salaried people who do not care about their relatives who do not have food on the table. They must support them.”

The acceptable black tax rates start from 37.9% and is even higher for those with more means.