Man who Quit Toxic Employment now in Imminent Danger of Starvation

A man who finally gathered the courage needed to resign from his toxic job has found himself in the middle of a different but related storm. With no reasonable source of legal income at the moment, the man is now within inches of starvation.

What started as a bold move no longer looks bold at all when faced by the existential danger of starvation. He knew that it was time to quit because everything was not working. Turns out that he did not know enough.

“The bosses sucked. The colleagues were unmotivating. The office was cold and the salary was always late. I knew I had to let go but I had not envisioned a situation where I would need to deal with starvation. This is not what I had in mind. I need to rethink the whole thing.”

Since then, he has been applying for jobs but every potential employer is just ghosting. His old friends are no longer too excited about him. His side hustles have made it worse, for he has burned all the little savings he had. He now thinks a lot about the beggars who stand at strategic places in the city to beg

Yes he dodged a bullet, but he had not seen the missile coming. The situation is messy.

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