Kariobangi Light Industries to Manufacture Teslas by 2026

Kenyans seeking to make a statement by owning a Tesla have had limited options because Tesla does not care much about the dark continent that is Africa. This has forced them to buy the cars from Europe or the US and then use them with many of the features deactivated.

But this is about to change.

The good old boys at Kariobangi Light Industries have said that they are on track to manufacture the first Tesla by the year 2026, giving Kenyans an opportunity to enjoy the glorified car.

Based on their track record, the promise looks viable.

“We manufacture everything in Kariobangi. We make coca cola, mobile phones, shoes, vaccines, computers, wheelbarrows, pressure cookers and even light aircraft. Just give us a copy of the real thing and we will give back a duplicate of it that is more robust and cheaper. That is who we are, and now we want to turn our eyes on Tesla cars.”

The spokesperson of the manufacturers who is anonymous for obvious reasons said that they only need to get their hand on a Tesla and they will replicate it within two years. “We can make it in under two years, but the software part requires some additional expertise which we are developing in collaboration with some local boys and we will pull it out in 3 years.”

The plan is to get one Tesla car and clone it, and use its updates to update all the Teslas that will be made in Kariobangi. Working with a local cloud service provider, the Engineers from kariobangi will create an update portal which will work as seamlessly as the real one.

Efforts to reach Elon Musk for comments proved futile as Tesla does not engage any professional media, including PostaMate.

Engineering Powerhouse

Kariobangi Light Industries is know for amazing engineering prowess, where anything can be replicated and injected into the supply chain without a need for marketing or creating new brands. So far, they have been known to produce almost anything that exists, and they could even start to manufacture original stuff.

The highly guarded industrial complex only allows insiders and serious buyers who have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they are allowed into the facility.

Intellectual property owners who earlier complained about Kariobangi Light Industries later opted to join the system and also benefit from the clones of their own products.

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