Hot Weather Causing Fuel Shortages

Scientists have explained the ongoing scarcity of fuel.

Petroleum, particularly super petrol, is very volatile and boils when exposed to heat produced by the sun. With the global warming being experienced in recent months, characterized by high levels of sun, the country’s petroleum reserves have been hard hit. This affected the normal supply of petrol in the country.

Too tame the problem, KPC scientist are looking forward to moving their petroleum reservoirs in cooler part of Kenya such as Limuru and Mount Kenya regions.

When they consulted other first world countries such as USA, they discovered that in America the government add coolant to the fuel to reduce evaporation and thus the conserve a lot of fuel. This is why hotter parts of Kenya will continue to experience fuel scarcity.

Other products that will affected by the global warming in Kenya include cooking oils that are manufactured in liquid form. All Kenyans are hence advised to consider Solid fat.

Unless it rains or winter is experienced, the cost of these two commodities will continue increasing up to heaven.

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