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Size 8 to Specialize in Small to Medium Sized Demons

Gospel singer cum preacher Size 8 has launched her career as a middle level exorcist, if clips on social media are something to go by.

The famed Mateke singer was recently ordained as a preacher, but no one expected that she would quickly be on the ring facing demons one on one.

Size 8 was filmed exorcising demons and calling fire upon all elements of the devil’s kingdom, something that majority of Kenyans could not belief. Not that she is incapable, its just that people expected that it would take a little bit longer.

In an interview, Size 8 revealed that she would be specializing in small to mid-sized demons and warned that there will be no peace in the demon world as long as she lives. “I want to kick the small and medium sized demons. I am here to ensure that they will not inhabit people anymore. This is my area of specialization.”

While her niche target may seem questionable, it is worth remembering that small to medium sized demons are some of the most stubborn. Size 8 will focus on this lethal but widely neglected area.

Large demons remain the preserve of experienced hands such as apostles and bishops. It will take size 8 some time before she can venture there.

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