Kenya Launches Green Card Lottery for Africans Wishing Live in Nairobi

Africans wishing to reside and work in Kenya can now smile after Kenya launched a lottery program that will allow them to be permanent residents in Kenya.

The green card lottery program will see a select number of lucky Africans get a chance to live and work in Kenya with a guaranteed path to citizenship. This is the first time Kenya is taking a deliberate action to make it easier for Africans to live in Kenya.

“We are happy to say that desperate Africans will no longer need to drown in the Mediterranean Sea while fleeing to Europe, or even die in Cobalt mines in Congo. We are giving them an opportunity to escape the quick death in their countries of birth, to a slow death in the beautiful city under the sun. This is what a pan Africanism is all about.”

The lottery which launches in 2023 is expected to draw more than 55,000 Africans to Kenya, majority being from top-Saharan Africa. Applicants will be required to show proof that they can survive for more than 48 hours in Nairobi.

The news of the Kenya Green Card lottery was applauded by many Africans, especially Nigerians who have now ran out of options on where to live. Somalis were also shocked to learn that such a program did not exist, yet they have been enjoying the same program that Kenya wants to start.

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