Uhuru Asks Elon Musk to Bar Kenyans Under 35 from Twitter

Three years after the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta deleted his Social Media accounts, the president now wants incoming Twitter owner Elon Musk to bar Kenyans below 35 years from suing the Social Media network.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) mercenaries, Uhuru said that KOT was not good for the mental health of the nation, hence the need to regulate membership.

“I was an active Twitter user until it started to take a toll on my mental health. I was insulted right left and center. Any tweet would draw the evil armies of KOT and it was hard to interact with other heads of state. If they can do this to a president, what about the ordinary citizen?”

Uhuru said that he was not opposed to people using Social Media, but he wanted people to apply some form of wisdom which comes with age. “People who are under 35 years are the worst on that platform. They do not know our past and think everything is a meme. Some of them have only 3 followers but their insults stink to the high heavens. These are the ones we need to tame. The bitterness should be addressed offline and they will have the chance to get back online when they turn 35.”

Uhuru said that his government had made a formal request to Twitter to disable all the accounts whose owners are under 35, and also those who have less than ten followers but have a huge number of impressions due to insults and spammy posts.

Contacted, Twitter did not representative did not give a direct feedback, but said that Twitter is committed to both free speech and complying with both local and international regulations.

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