Wambora Rejoins Embu Gubernatorial Race Under a Different Name

The proverbial cat with nine lives is back. Martin Wambora has opted defend his seat as the Governor of Embu County for the third term, but is it even possible?

The genius who has survived two elections where he narrowly won, three impeachments which did not succeed, and four election appeals, is adding another trick to his bag of nine lives. By changing his name, Wambora hopes to contest the Embu gubernatorial seat as a new man.

“I am no longer Martin Nyaga Wambora. I am now Nyash Marto. This is an entirely new person. The person of Martin Nyaga Wambora is no more. I don’t even know him.”

Nyash Marto said that he is looking forward to serving the people of Embu County and transform their lives, blaming the past leadership for all the problems that the country is facing. He added that as a new person, he was the best placed to lead Embu County because he does not carry any political baggage with him.  

“I am a new person. The old I do not remember. I am looking forward to making Embu the land of new opportunities.” Said an enthusiastic Nyash Marto.

Legal Hurdles

While Wambora could have truly mutated to a new person, it is not clear if the law will allow his transition to the new person.

Legal experts have said that the transition will be subject to confirmation by the High Court, with fears that Wambora has always been very successful with the judicial system. This means that the court may actually allow him to run for the seat.

Competitors Lenny Kivuti and Cecily Mbarire have urged IEBC to bar Nyash Marto arguing that he looks, walks, talks, and acts like the old Wambora. They said that since the new man called Nyash Marto is still enjoying the wealth of the late Wambora, it is evident that there is some monkey business going on.

Nyash Marto maintains that all contestants ‘wakutane kwa debe.’

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