Wajackoyah’s PP2 Certificate Questioned

A section of state affiliated civil societies has demanded to see Presidential Candidate Prof George Wajackoyah’s PP2 graduation certificate as an assurance that he is fit to be the president of Kenya.

Adding their voice to the ongoing question of degrees, the state affiliated civil societies said that Wajackoyah’s manifesto of bhang and snakes was a clear indication that the guy may not have successfully completed PP2, making him unfit to lead the great nation of Kenya. They thus wanted IEBC compelled to ask Wajackoyah to produce the critical documents.

“We want to see a miniature Wajackoyah in a miniature gown holding a miniature PP2 graduation certificate. This is the only way to be sure that he indeed went to school. In absence of this, all his degrees are null and void because they are based on a faulty foundation.”

Bhang and Snakes

The complainants argued that Wajackoyah’s manifesto was nothing but a proof that the former Special Branch operative is high on something, and never took his preschool classes seriously.

“Anybody who went through preschool knows that Cannabis is illegal and snakes are dangerous. There are consequences of skipping those foundational classes and they appear later in life in form of a fully grown man advocating for snake farming. Is he a witch?”

Wajackoyah will now have to prove that his 16 degrees are valid by showing that he graduated from PP2. Failure to do that could see his name struck off from the list of presidential candidates.

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