Designer of Nissan Juke Finally Euthanized in Japan

Justice was finally served in the populous Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan after the Yokohama District Court gave orders for the designer of Nissan Juke to be put to sleep in a humane way.

After 12 years of being an eyesore to the world, haters of Nissan Juke had filed a case to have some form of justice served, and the court saw it fit to go to the root of the problem by cutting off the designer of car. The court ruled that the designer must be put to sleep in the most humane way possible, making it a win for the designer, Nissan Motor Company, enemies of Nissan Juke, and global cooling.

“While the court understands the effort to put food on the table for the designer and for the company to make a profit, this should not result to an action that threatens the whole humanity. Nissan Juke has taken the world closer to the Third World War and a second pandemic in the 2020s. This act cannot go unpunished.”

Nissan Juke has held the record for the most undesigned design for the last 12 years, a record that might stand for the next Century.

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