Juliana Cherera warns Against Weapons of Math Instruction

Dissenting IEBC Commissioners led by vice chair Juliana Cherera have raised alarm over the proliferation of weapons of math instruction in Kenya.

In statement that was supported by Azimio leaders, the IEBC commissioners warned that many Kenyans were being recruited into the notorious Al-Gebra movement and using calculators to find some dangerous absolute values.

“We have seen Kenyans joining the dreaded Al-Gebra movement and using calculators to find some unknowns. Some of them are using secret codes like ‘x’ and ‘y’ and refer to themselves us unknowns. We urge the police to move in haste and stop this movement which has members in every coordinate.”

The commissioners warned that the search for average solutions by Kenyans was the main factor driving many to embrace weapons of math instruction like calculators. This ought to stop because the commissioners know what is good for Kenyans.

Legal Battle

Experts also noted that use of math and weapons of math instruction might play a key role in many upcoming legal battles, with the legal systems shaken to its root because most learned friends know little about math.

“Learned friends cringe at the sight of a basic arithmetic problem. Expecting a Supreme case battle that is hinged on math might expose the rot in the whole system. Use of weapons of math instruction might also bring the whole legal fraternity down.”

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