Africa’s Apathy Towards European Tribal War Angers European Leaders

World leaders attending the ongoing United Nations General Assembly have expressed concerns that Africa is not doing enough to condemn the ongoing tribal war between Russian and Ukrainian Slavs.

In a strongly worded statement, warlords and tribal leaders from the Caucasian block said that Africans were not keen on standing with anybody, and are willing to align themselves with any side that serves Africa’s interest. This is something that the European Tribal leaders are not going to tolerate.

“Africa has been talking to Ukraine and Russia at the same time. All they want is business. We need them to take a stand and condemn Russia so that the war can come to an end. If they do not do that, this tribal war will be too protracted and we might face a tough winter when Russia cuts off the gas supply. Those niggers need to play their part.”

The warning from the former colonizers went unheeded with Africans taking advantage of the free fertilizer that Russia donated to Africa.

One junior officer in Uganda said that his country does not involve itself in the internal affairs of any tribal groupings outside Africa. “We know they are fighting, but as long as they do not use our resources to fight, and do not kill our people, we are good. When the time comes, we will be there to celebrate the winner.”

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