“Venezuelans used Electromagnetic Radiation to Lower Voter Turnout” – Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga has hit out at Venezuelans who cost him an election victory in the 2022 Kenyan General Elections.

Speaking after the reality hit that Kenyans opted for a well-known thief instead of him, Raila said that Venezuelans had interfered with voter turnout in his stronghold, giving his opponent William Ruto an easy victory.

“We know that Venezuelans used high-energy electromagnetic waves to make people sleep all day instead of going to vote. Our technical experts were able to intercept the signals in various counties, all of which are my strongholds. This is a discussion that the supreme court is not ready to have.”

Raila said that in Kisumu alone, the electromagnetic radiation made more than 142,000 people not vote. “In Kisumu, the turnout was 70%. Had it been 95%, I would have gained an extra 142,000 votes. Imagine the same scenario in Siaya, Homa Bay, or even Makueni. I would have easily gotten 60% of all votes. The Venezuelans did this to us.”

Odinga now wants the United Nations to intervene and ask Putin to throw a nuclear missile or two at Venezuela. This will serve as a warning to any other state or non-state operator who plans to interfere with Kenyan elections in the future.

Asked to point out Venezuela on a map, Raila Odinga said that Venezuela is on the globe, thus anyone who did not go through CBC should be able to point it out.

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