Ruto Owes his Victory to my Bad Leadership – Uhuru

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has taken credit for William Ruto’s win, saying that Ruto would not have seen the gates of State House if he had Uhuru’s support.

Speaking from Ichaweri where he spent the morning trapping moles that have been eating his sweet potatoes since 2003, Uhuru said that his action (or lack of it) is what led to a Ruto victory, something that the new president should not forget.

Current situation in Ichaweri

“People were very much against me. Nobody wanted to be associated with a failing government. Even my brother Raila only wanted the resources but distanced himself from my many failures. Had I supported Ruto, he would have lost by 9 am on 9th August. I hope he knows this well.”

Uhuru further stated that he did not con Raila Odinga, but just nature taking its cause. “I was there for my brother. He needed help and I offered it. Anyone who feels like I was conning him should refund the resources that I invested in his campaign. If they knew I was the problem, why were they clinging to me and asking me to do more?”

Moderated Opposition

As the chairman of the opposition coalition, Uhuru said that he had the powers to make Ruto’s time in government easy or hard, in the same way Raila Odinga made it hard for him before the handshake. He thus asked Ruto to keep that in mind, hoping that Ruto won’t force him to make it hard.

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. If he cooperates, we will not be hunting for every small scandal in his government. We can let him eat quietly in the same way Raila did to me after the handshake. All he needs to do is to ensure that my welfare is well taken care of.”

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