Nurses in Kenya Ranked 3rd Most Cruel in the World

The World Health Organization’s health systems performance index has placed nurses in Kenya in the 3rd position on the healthcare workers cruelty index.

The Health System Performance and Public Health Steering Committee noted that nurses in Kenya mete out unimaginable cruelty on helpless patients, making healthcare institutions in Kenya an ‘active war zone’ and healthcare services a ‘hostage situation.’

The report highlighted the dark dealings that patients in Kenya go through, something that has been normalized and accepted as the normal state of healthcare in the country. “At times, patients in Kenya have opted to die than continue languishing in the hands of institutionalized terrorism in the name of healthcare. Nurses in Kenya respect neither the elderly nor the terminally ill. They fear neither God nor the devil.”

The cruelty of nurses is also supported by dysfunctional public healthcare institutions and greedy private hospitals which solely exist to mint money out of patients. This leaves sick Kenyans with no hope in this life, except in self-medicating.

Somalia and Myanmar

While despicable things have happened in hands of Kenyan nurses, this is not the worst the world has seen.

The top position went to Somalia, where nurses are known to randomly toss grenades in wards full of patients in order to close all active cases. The second place went to Myanmar, where nurses are known to kidnap patients from the hospital and force them to work on the nurses’ farm for months without pay. Relatives cannot question this because the moment you raise the issue, your patient will resurface in a body bag.

Other atrocities committed by nurses that were recorded in the world include forcing patients undergoing chemotherapy to make them breakfast, demanding bribes before administering painkillers in surgical wards, and temporarily moving patients to the mortuary so that they can shoot TikTok videos in the wards.

WHO now calls on the government to move with speed and correct this gangster approach to healthcare. “Nurses are supposed to help people who are going through the worst days of their lives. We cannot normalize a situation where the nurses actively participate in creating a patient’s worst day. This needs to change.”

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