Optimism Rekindled as 32-Year-Old lastborn Starts to Bathe Himself

A family in Doha, Qatar, can now breathe a sigh of relief after the 32-year-old perfectly healthy and normal son learned how to bathe without external assistance.

The man who is believed to be the family heir had shown symptoms of slow development, but his parents started getting concerned after he turned 30 while still attached to his Filipino nanny. Even after attaining the normal bathe-yourself-age of 30, the man refused to let go of his nanny, often staying for months without bathing.

However, things have started to change and the man is showing signs that he might soon grow up in his midlife. After attending a World Cup match and meeting Croatian fans, the man thinks that there is more to life than being in diapers and waiting for a billion-dollar inheritance. For the fit time ever, he walked into a bathroom of his own volition and took a shower, the second time in his life he has done so.

Parents are hopeful that this was not an isolated incident. The Filipino nanny is now facing unemployment.

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