Waititu to Move Rivers and Create more Land for Ruto – Statehouse Insider

It did not come as a shock when Statehouse announced that Ruto had Ex- Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu as a member of the newly formed Nairobi Rivers Commission.

In what turns out to be satire straight out of a playwrights scene, Mr. Waititu had left Kenyans in wondering after suggesting that buildings built on Riparian land should not be demolished but rather it is the rivers that should be moved leaving many Kenyans shocked back in August 2018. This was in the wake of a series of demolitions targeting high-end buildings built on riparian land.

Arap Mashamba taps Waititu’s expertise in moving rivers to create more land for him. Click To Tweet

This saw the demolition of the South End Mall built that allegedly encroached on Ngong River and Taj Mall alias Airgate Mall built on a road reserve, Ukay Mall in Westlands among others.

Ruto has been accused of being a land grabber and his love for land saw him get nicknamed Arap Mashamaba.

Pundits allude that Waititu’s appointment is a sinister move by the sitting president to create more land for himself and his cronies since Waititu can move rivers, creating more land for them to be grabbed.

A close ally in the streets of the Statehouse claims the ultimate goal is to create more land by moving the Indian Ocean at the Coast, and other major lakes in the country.

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