Kenya to Run Out of Cabbage by January 25

A crisis is looming in Kenya after the ministry of Agriculture announced the dwindling cabbage reserves – with an eminent outage expected on January 25.

Following a more-than-usual demand for cabbage in January, the ministry warned that farmers cannot keep up with the demand for the popular vegetable and advised Kenyans to seek alternative sources of food.

“The demand for cabbage almost fell to zero in December, but January is here and Kenyans have just been cabbaging. We need an alternative source of cheap vegetables if we are to see the end of January. Farmers are running dangerously low.”

The high demand for cabbage in January has been a growing trend, and the merrier the Christmas festivities are, the higher the demand for cabbage in January. Last year, the demand for cabbage in January increased threefold, a record that has been broken this year.

Kenyans interviewed admitted that they have been learning about the nutritional benefits of cabbage and will continue to use the vegetable to keep lifestyle diseases at bay.

Temporary Meat Solution

What happens when the country runs out of cabbage? Health experts have asked Kenyans to consider going back to meat in order to cover the short-term deficit, noting that there is nothing wrong with meat.
“We urge Kenyans to take a break from cabbage and indulge in meat as we work out a solution. We already have a variety of GMO cabbage that can grow in six days –  just waiting to test them on pigs before we can consider them fit for human consumption.”

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