NHIF Launches Third-Party Health Insurance Cover

The National Health Insurance Fund has launched a third-party health insurance cover in a bid to attract more Kenyans from the private sector into the fund.

Speaking at the launch of the services, NHIF Head of Collections said that the third party will transform healthcare in the country through an innovative approach. The new cover will see Kenyans pay a flat rate of KShs 499 per month and receive all the health benefits associated with NHIF, except treatment and consultations.

“Under the NHIF third-party health insurance cover, Kenyans can walk into any hospital and walk around, take photos, speak to nurses, visit those admitted, or even donate an organ, all for free. This service is available from the smallest of dispensaries to the biggest of all hospitals, including Level Six Hospitals.”


Research has shown that most sick people tend to feel significantly better when they get near a hospital, and this is the treatment that NHIF wants to capitalize on. “We are making a science-based decision to save people money and time. When we enable them to be in close proximity to medicines, medics, and medical facilities, that is a form of healthcare.”

Previously, NHIF has been toying with the idea of paying for self-medication but complex bureaucratic procedures have prevented the take-off of the project.

With the launch of the third-party cover, Kenyans who are already covered by the traditional NHIF will have the option of downgrading to the third-party cover, saving on both money and expectations.

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