DCI Agent Attached to Pastor Ng’ang’a Finally Gives his Life to Jesus

There was an unusual event on Kiambu Road when a senior DCI agent attached to Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre in Nairobi finally gave his life to Jesus while tracking his

The man whom we cannot name due to the nature of his work was busy spying on Pastor Ng’ang’a, as his job requires him, when he realized that the Jesus that Pastor Ng’ang’a was talking about is the one person that he desparately need in his life. Tired of pretending, the man responded to an altar call on Sasa TV, knelt on the cold DCI headquarters floor, and shouted one big Hallelujah.

Other puzzled agents thought the man was just following an official script, but the man stood up and started testifying about how he has seen the light after years of living in the darkness. He even had nice words for his client Pastor Ng’ang’a.

“I was lost, but now I am found. I want to thank the DCI Director for assigning me to Pastor Ng’ang’a. I was sure that we were going to jail him soon but it seems my sins got jailed first. I have no words to express my joy. I will continue to spy on Pastor Ng’ang’a because I know he has some criminal tendencies in him but that does not stop me from following the good teachings that he sometimes gives.”

Interviewed, it is not hard to see why the DCI agent couldn’t survive Pastor Nganga.

“I was assigned the known suspect Pastor Ng’ang’a and for six years I have been trailing him. I have been to his church, I watch all his live streams, and most evenings I am watching him move around the city. I am always listening to his phone conversations and when he is not on phone, I would switch on his microphone to hear what he was saying or listening to.”

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