Medical Interns Enjoy 5 Months of Donkey Work Without Pay, Minister Basks in Social Media Glamour

In a stunning display of gratitude towards medical interns, the Ministry of Health has treated them to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: five whole months of relentless toil without any form of compensation. The interns, who tirelessly carry out back-to-back calls, have discovered a hidden secret – their insurmountable workload has miraculously saved them from the clutches of their landlords and other lenders.

While these hardworking interns continue to shoulder the burden of public hospitals, the esteemed Minister of Health, Susan Nakhumicha, has found solace in the delightful world of social media. Through the government’s Twitter handle, she dedicates her time to posting an array of aesthetically pleasing pictures, fully immersed in the perks and glamor that come with her prestigious position. Truly, it’s a masterclass in prioritizing public health concerns.

Meanwhile, in Kilifi County Referral Hospital, a senior consultant, the heroic Dr. Eric Wanjala has taken on the noble task of demanding the interns immediately resume their duties. You see, Dr. Wanjala has been compelled to temporarily abandon his lucrative private practice to perform emergency cesarean deliveries and other responsibilities at the hospital—a role he is, in fact, remunerated for. Such selfless dedication!

They Should Work Harder

In an exclusive interview with our team, Dr. Wanjala passionately expressed frustration at the interns’ audacity to expect a paltry remuneration for their ceaseless efforts. “Why should they be paid?” he exclaimed, beads of sweat glistening on his noble brow. “We all know medical interns can survive on air and sheer determination. It’s not like they have bills to pay or need to sustain themselves. The experience alone should be payment enough!”

The Ministry of Health, however, has been tight-lipped regarding the issue of intern remuneration, as if it were a secret so profound that even they cannot comprehend it. When asked about the plight of the interns, a spokesperson for the ministry provided a cryptic response: “Interns are the backbone of our healthcare system, and we appreciate their invaluable contributions. As a gesture of our deep gratitude, we have decided to offer them the profound experience of working for free. After all, money can’t buy everything, especially not housing or food.”

As medical interns continue their valiant struggle, the nation eagerly awaits the day when their heroic efforts will be rewarded with the compensation they so rightfully deserve. Until then, we can take solace in the fact that the Minister of Health will keep the Twitterverse entertained with her captivating photo shoots, a reminder of the government’s unwavering commitment to aesthetics over essential financial matters.

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