Pastor Ezekiel Threatens to Delete Kenya’s Star Permanently

Embattled millionaire Pastor Ezekiel Odero has threatened to plunge Kenya into an endless cycle of poverty, ignorance, and diseases if the Registrar of Societies does not revoke her decision to deregister New Life Prayer Center.

The Pastor well known for finding lost stars has warned that he will permanently delete Kenya’s star and ensure that the country does not prosper – now and in the future. This comes at s time when most Kenyans think there is something wrong with their star as the cost of living deals them unending blows.

“Mimi sitawaficha. Nyota ya Kenya iko mikononi mwangu na kwa sasa hivi nikiamua kuifinya kitawaramba. Kwanza huyo Registrar wa Societies nataka kumfuta katika register ya watakaoshamiri Maishani.” (I won’t hide it from you. Kenya’s star is in my hand and if I decide to crush it right now, you will suffer. I am about to delete the star for the Registrar of Societies).

Pastor Ezekiel warned Kenyans not to play about with a person whose net worth is way above that of an average drug dealer, saying that no one has ever succeeded in a war against a billionaire.

“You can’t use the police against me. You realize I can buy the whole police service, and a powerful force in the spiritual realm still backs me. I can move the dollar to KShs 180, send locusts to finish up all the crops, and even cause rains to stop for three years. Last year I increased the cost of fuel by 50%.”

Following the threats, the Registrar of Societies has invited Rev Ezekiel for some talks and asked him not to take things too seriously.

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