KRA to Hire an Agent To Live In Every Kenyan Home

NAIROBI, KENYA—In a bold move to increase tax collection and compliance, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) announced on Thursday that it will hire an agent to live in every home in the country. The agents, who will be trained and equipped by the KRA, will monitor every household’s income and expenditure, and report any tax evasion or fraud to the authorities.

The KRA said that the initiative, dubbed “Operation Ushuru”, will help the government raise more revenue and reduce the budget deficit, which has been by declining incomes. The authority also said that the agents will provide tax education and assistance to the residents, and encourage them to file their returns on time.

The KRA Commissioner General said that the agents will be assigned to homes based on their compatibility and availability. He said that the agents will be respectful and professional, and will not interfere with the privacy or personal affairs of the residents. He also said that the agents will be paid a commission based on the amount of tax they collect from each household.

“We are confident that this program will be a game-changer for our tax system. We believe that by having a KRA agent in every home, we will be able to increase our tax base, improve our tax compliance, and enhance our service delivery. We urge all Kenyans to cooperate with our agents and support this noble cause.”

Public Reaction

However, not everyone is happy with the announcement. Some Kenyans have expressed their outrage and disbelief at the plan, saying that it is an invasion of their privacy and a violation of their rights. They have also questioned the legality and feasibility of the program, and accused the KRA of being corrupt and incompetent.

“This is ridiculous and unacceptable,” said Mary Wanjiku, a resident of Nairobi. “How can they expect us to live with a stranger who will spy on us and take our money? This is a form of harassment and intimidation. We will not allow this to happen.”

Some civil society groups have also condemned the plan, and vowed to challenge it in court. They have argued that the plan is unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of Kenyans to privacy, dignity, and property. They have also claimed that the plan is a waste of public resources and a scheme to enrich some individuals at the expense of the majority.

“This is a clear case of overreach and abuse of power by the KRA,” said Okiya Omtatah, a human rights activist. “This plan is illegal, immoral, and impractical. It will not only violate the rights of Kenyans, but also create more problems than solutions. It will increase corruption, conflict, and insecurity in our homes and communities. We will not allow this to happen.”

The KRA has dismissed the criticism as unfounded and baseless, and urged Kenyans to embrace the plan as a patriotic duty. The KRA has also warned that anyone who resists or obstructs the agents will face legal consequences.

“We are not here to spy on or harass anyone,” the Commissioner General said. “We are here to help and serve you. We are here to make sure that everyone pays their fair share of tax, and contributes to the development of our nation. We are here to make your life easier and better. We are here to be your friends.”

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