Kenyan Gen Z Cry Foul as They Discover They Would Be British Citizens If Not for Independence

A shocking revelation has hit the Kenyan Gen Zers hard as they learned that they would be enjoying the privileges of being British citizens if Kenya had not fought for independence from Britain. Many of them are now blaming their ancestors for ruining their chances of living in a developed country with good infrastructure, free movement to Europe and US, and a lot of tea.

According to a recent survey, 78% of Kenyan Gen Zers said they would prefer to be British citizens than Kenyan citizens, citing reasons such as better education, health care, security, and economy. They also expressed their admiration for the British culture, especially their love for tea, which they said is superior to Kenyan tea.

“I wish Kenya was still a British colony. We would have better roads, better schools, better hospitals, and better everything. We would also have access to the EU and the US without any visa hassles. And we would drink tea like the Queen,” said Kevin, a 23-year-old IT graduate who is unemployed and lives with his parents.

Many of them also said they do not think the Mau Mau fighters were heroes, but rather brought a curse on the country by resisting the British rule. They said the Mau Mau rebellion was a waste of lives and resources, and that Kenya would have been better off if it had remained loyal to the British crown.

“The Mau Mau were fools. They fought for nothing. They only brought us misery and poverty. They should have accepted the British as our masters and enjoyed the benefits of being part of the British Empire. They were not patriots, they were traitors,” said Mary, a 23-year-old fashion blogger who spends most of her time on Instagram.

However, not all Kenyan Gen Zers share this view. Some of them said they would rather be in Kuwait where you are not likely to get stabbed or work.

The debate on whether Kenya should have remained a British colony or not has sparked a heated discussion on social media, with many Kenyans expressing their opinions on the matter. Some have even suggested that Kenya should hold a referendum to decide whether to rejoin the British Commonwealth or not.

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