King Charles III to Relocate to Kenya If Made King

In a shocking move, King Charles III of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms has expressed his desire to relocate to Kenya permanently if the East African nation makes him its king. The 75-year-old monarch, who ascended the throne in 2022 after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, said he has a special attachment to Kenya, which was the place where his mother became queen in 1952.

“I have always loved Kenya and its people, and I feel a strong connection to this land that shaped my mother’s destiny and mine. I would be honored and delighted to be the king of Kenya, if the Kenyan people would accept me as their sovereign,” King Charles said in a statement.

The king’s proposal has sparked mixed reactions in Kenya, which became a republic in 1964 after gaining independence from Britain. Some Kenyans welcomed the idea of having a king, saying it would boost the country’s tourism, economy, and international prestige. Others rejected the idea, saying it would undermine the country’s sovereignty, democracy, and identity.

Existing Mornachy

“Kenya already has a political monarchy, with the same families ruling us for decades. We don’t need another king, especially a foreign one. We need to elect our own leaders who will serve our interests and respect our rights,” said John Omondi, a human rights activist.

However, King Charles said he has no intention of interfering in Kenya’s politics or governance, and that he would respect the country’s constitution and laws. He said he would only serve as a symbolic and ceremonial head of state, and that he would use his influence and resources to promote peace, development, and conservation in Kenya.

“I have no desire to impose my will or agenda on Kenya. I only wish to be a friend and a partner of this great nation, and to contribute to its progress and prosperity. I have great wealth and experience that I can share with Kenya, and I can also help attract more investment and tourism to this beautiful country,” King Charles said.

The king also said he would be willing to marry a Kenyan woman and put a black man in line as heir to the throne, if that would make him more acceptable to the Kenyan people. He said he has already met several potential candidates, and that he is open to any race, tribe, or religion.

“I am not looking for love or romance at this stage of my life. I am looking for a companion and a partner who can support me in my duties and responsibilities as king. I am also looking for someone who can help me bridge the gap between cultures and communities, and who can represent the diversity and beauty of Kenya,” King Charles said.

For Ruto and the King

The king’s proposal has also drawn attention from other African countries, some of which have expressed interest in making him their king as well. The king said he is flattered by the offers, but that he is only interested in Kenya for now.

“Kenya is my first choice and my priority. I have a special bond with this country that I cannot explain. I feel like I belong here, and I want to spend the rest of my days here. I hope the Kenyan people will give me a chance to prove myself as their king,” King Charles said.

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