Whatsapp Status Obsession: Kenyans Wasted a Week in 2023, Study Finds

An average Kenyan spent 7.2 days aimlessly binging on WhatsApp status in 2023, data from the think tank independent Ridgeviews Analytica confirms.

In a study that was conducted from January to November 2023, Kenyans again topped the world in social media engagement with TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouYube, Twitter and Facebook cumulatively taking one calendar month of their time.

“It is like Kenyans lost two months on Social Media,” said the chief researcher and analyst. “The year is not over yet but the best a Kenyan can hope for is living for 10 months and spending the 11th and 12th months on social media. What a waste!”

According to the report, an average Kenyan spent 11 days on TikTok, 8 days on Instagram, 7.2 days on WhatsApp status, and another 2 days on WhatsApp messages. Twitter took 5 days and Facebook 3 days. The elephant in the room was YouTube, which took 18 days, although most of those days can be accounted for by dogs, cats, and babies.

What were Kenyans doing or watching on social media? On average, most cannot pinpoint exactly what they were doing online. Birthday wishes, vacation photos, cryptic song lyrics, keeping up with the Mwangis, the highs, the lows, the memes, and the spoilers. No one knows exactly what it was about.

From Hustlers to Idlers

Football also cost Kenyans an average 2 days with political discussions occupying another 8 days, especially in rural areas. A notable trend was the increase in time spent commuting, as drivers drove more slowly to save fuel due to the high cost of the commodity.

Tough economic conditions also forced more Kenyans to spend time alone, as many Kenyans do not know how to spend time with other people without using money. This saw a rise in the combined amount of time spent watching Netflix, DJ Afro movies, listening to discussion forums on local radio stations.

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