Nigerian Immigrants Losing Their Wives to Canadian Casanovas, Study Finds

TORONTO, ON – A new study from the University of Toronto has revealed a shocking trend: Nigerian men who migrate to Canada are losing their wives to the more romantic Canadian men.

The study, which surveyed over 1,000 Nigerian-Canadian couples, found that 87% of Nigerian women reported being happier and more satisfied with their Canadian partners after ditching their Nigerian partners, who only say I love you during the wedding ceremony.

The researchers attributed this phenomenon to several factors, such as the cultural differences, the weather, and the maple syrup.

“Nigerian men are used to being dominant and authoritative in their relationships, but Canadian men are more egalitarian and respectful,” said Dr. Aisha Oluwafemi, the lead author of the study. “They also know how to woo their women with flowers, chocolates, and compliments, while Nigerian men are more stingy and rude.”

In one case, one Nigerian woman admitted that he could not stomach the idea of working full time, going home to cook and clean up while the husband was just binging on NetFlix because culturally he is not allowed to enter the kitchen. After two weeks of hard labour, the lady found a more welcoming man from Vancouver who not only does the dishes but also plays with the children.

Cold Hearts in Cold Canada

Another factor that influenced the women’s preferences was the cold climate of Canada, which made them crave more warmth and cuddling from their partners.

“Canadian men are very cozy and snuggly, especially when they wear their flannel shirts and beanies,” said Ngozi Okonkwo, a Nigerian woman who divorced her husband and married a Canadian man named Brad. “They also have fireplaces and hot tubs, which are very romantic. Nigerian men just complain about the cold and they don’t have any of those things.”

The study also found that Nigerian women were more attracted to Canadian men’s sweet and syrupy accents, which they found charming and soothing.

“Canadian men have a way of saying ‘eh’ and ‘sorry’ that just melts my heart,” said Chidinma Eze, another Nigerian woman who left her husband for a Canadian man named Justin. “They also say ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about’, which is adorable. Nigerian men have a harsh and aggressive tone, and they always yell at me.”

The study concluded that Nigerian men planning to migrate to Canada need to step up their game, or else they risk losing their wives to the more romantic and irresistible Canadian casanovas.

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