“Either we Tax you the easy way, or we will rob you the old way.” – MPs

Kenyan politicians have warned that a threat to The Finance Bill 2024 is a threat to your safety since a cut in budgeted corruption will force them to come for the money directly from your pockets.

Speaking after the second reading of the Finance Bill 2024, Majority Leader Kimani Ichungwa warned that a decline in money set aside for corruption will leave the MPs with empty coffers and they may have no option but to put on masks and rob Kenyans directly.

“This is a dangerous precedent that is being set. How do you expect the honorable members to survive if you cut funds meant for corruption? Remember we have guns and if the government does not tax you so that we can embezzle the funds, we will have no option but to rob you directly.”

His statement was echoed by the more than 204 MPs who voted yes and 30 who abstained out of cowardice. The MPs wondered how they would repay their campaign funders and finance their 2027 campaigns if the cake that drew them to politics suddenly vanished. “Some of you need to take a pay cut so that you can understand what it means for the political class if there will be less money to steal. We joined politics to eat and you cannot change the game when it is our turn!” 

The politicians maintained that Kenyans were free to choose what they wanted, although it is advisable they choose the easy way by accepting the Finance Bill 2024. “We don’t have to do this but if Kenyans insist, we will have to do this the hard way. Choose your hard now, but choose wisely.”

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