IMF OK with Ruto’s Regular Visit to Kenya

The International Monetary Fund has expressed confidence that the running of Project Kenya is still satisfactory, even though the designated manager relocated out of the country.

Speaking to higher powers that she must answer to, IMF Mission Chief to Kenya Haimanot Teferra said that Ruto is a regular visitor to Kenya and during his short stay in the country, he is able to manage all the tasks that need to be done. “I do not think there is a crisis here. All the key deliverables that the IMF has given are being met. Ruto just needs to periodically visit Kenya and sign a few documents and everything will fall into place.”

She assured the overlords that she was fully in charge and should a need for a better slave driver arise, she is willing to find another asset and get rid of Ruto. “I do not think it will get to that point, but should the big boys in New York decide to work with another person, it is very easy to find a replacement. That is a small task for IMF.”

President William Ruto, who has made more foreign trips than the number of days he has been in office was unavailable to comment on the matter, as he was attending a G7 summit in Italy. He asked all the questions to be fielded at Dubai International Airport which is his regional hub for connecting to the rest of the world.

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