PostaMate started as signal newsletter in the year 1492 in the Congo Basin, where it would send a daily smoke signal broadcast to the entire region. It later upgraded to send papyrus reed scroll when the art of writing reached our caves.

Since then, PostaMate has grown to be one of the largest Media Companies in the world. Besides news and timely information that helps you get through a difficult world, PostaMate also helps interpret the world for you so that you can go on with life without thinking.

Our diverse team of contributors come from three planets. Four of them have over 70 years of experience each and two are sitting presidents in Asia. We also have two farmers and our youngest staff is a three-year-old. Talk of diversity!

Currently, PostaMate is free online because the best things in life should be free, but it can delivered to your doorstep in advance in order to keep you updated. We have already created content for the next two years, so you are welcome to preorder.

We are very popular in Kenya, but we can assure you that both Obama and Merkel read PostaMate everyday. The Chinese have also been begging us to translate this into their language and we will do that as soon as they stop selling fake products. Indians also want us to write in their accent and this has already been implemented; you only need to tilt the screen while reading.

How can you keep up with PostaMate? There are few ways; choose the three that suits you.

You can also send us an email: postamate.com@gmail.com

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