Kenya Power Curses Laikipia Village into Eternal Darkness after Loss of Spare Tyre

The world record for the longest blackout in history has been broken in Laikipia after Kenya Power decided to punish a village where Kenya Power’s vehicle lost a spare tyre. A village in Laikipia celebrated the fifth anniversary of being in the dark with the promise of more years of darkness to come since their […]


Vegetarianism rises by 33% Spurred by Tough Economic Conditions

Vegetarianism and veganism have experienced a major boost in the world in the past 15 months, with number of people who have decided to keep off animal products increasing by 33%. Data from various sources show that more and more people are getting the Indian inspiration and opting to leave animals in peace. While tastes […]


IEBC Candidate Proposes Office-training Politicians by Pet Whisperers

IEBC interviewee left tongues wagging when he proposed that election candidates undergo classical Pavlovian conditioning under experienced pet trainers to deter them from engaging in corruption. The lady from Western explained that dogs can be trained to control their natural urges through these methods and the same can be applied to politicians. “Some dogs know […]


First Semester of Bachelor of Witchcraft Degree Turns Chaotic

Machakos University launched a Bachelor’s Degree course in witchcraft early in 2021, with classes commencing in April 2021. Our reporters followed up with the University to know what has been happening since the first batch of students reported, up to now just after the first semester ended. The Bachelor’s Degree in Witchcraft received a lot […]


KRA to Limit Filing Nil Tax Returns to Three Times

Kenya Revenue Authority is planning to limit the number of times that a person can file nil returns to three years, the maximum time after which a human being must be commercially viable. Speaking during a taxpayers sensitization week, KRA director general said that an increasing number of Kenyans were filing nil returns, yet their […]


KQ Pilot Makes an Emergency Landing after Remembering that he left the Iron Box Plugged in

A Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Mumbai was forced to turn back after a pilot remembered that he had left an iron box switched on at his Nairobi home. The early morning flight had taken off as expected and the plane was in excellent condition. However, 5barely 15 minutes into the flights and before […]


Inside the Mind of that Girl Wearing a Short Skirt in this Cold Weather

Kenyan winter is at its peak and everyone is crying, except that girl who is wearing that extremely short skirt in this weather. While fully grown men, who go to the gym three times a week and pay all their taxes, are shivering in the office, this girl in a short skirt is still holding […]


Police Demand Justice for their Colleague whose Phone was Snatched on Duty

Police officers in Kenya have asked the government to bring to justice the thieves who snatched a mobile phone from a police officer while on duty in Nairobi. Speaking to the Media, several police officers said that the state of insecurity was on the rise and it was making it hard for them to do […]


Missing Man Found Alive after 17 Nights at the Sarit Center

A missing matatu driver has been found alive after spending 17 nights at the Sarit Center in Wetlands, according to the police. Philemon Mwasia, from Mombasa County, was reported missing on 18th June by his wife, after he failed to return home after a visit to a garage in Westlands. The 36-year-old man was supposed […]