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Kenya to Repay Loans with Athletes’ Gold Medals

Kenya in a radical new suggestion is exploring possibilities of paying its high loans by collecting all the gold medals ever won and paying IMF with it. “We are unrivaled in the gold medals won…. Those medals are just not things for decorating bedrooms, they are national treasures.” Kenyan officials think all the Gold medals […]


Kenyan Middle Class Adventurists Discover Northern Kenya is actually in Kenya

A section of Kenyan middle class domestic tourists is continuously baffled by discovering that Northern Kenya is actually in Kenya and not “North of Kenya” The discovery has led to increased tourist activities in the north with regular safari trips being organized. At the moment, dozens of Kenyans are talking about Chalbi desert, Marsabit National […]


Kenya Petitions WHO for a Local Covid-19 Variant

A section of Kenyan political class has petitioned the WHO to quickly find a unique Kenyan covid-19 variant. Noting that Kenya was punching below its weight in the pandemic, leaders asked WHO to act with speed and find the Kenyan variant. They said that Kenya had proved its position as a regional leader and thus […]


Kenya to Send 2000 Youths to Help Free Ever Given from the Suez Canal

Kenya has a workable solution to the Suez Canal crisis. According to a government officer, Kenya youths can be mobilized to help rescue the ship which has been stuck in the canal for five days now. “We are ready to send 2000 of very able youths to the canal to offload the cargo ship that […]


Ethiopia’s Plan for Old Birr Notes Bungled

It came to public attention that Ethiopia which mid last month launched new birr notes in 10, 20, 100 and 200 denominations had a sly trick up its sleeve with the old birr notes. It was revealed yesterday that Ethiopia had been planning to pay off their foreign debt with their old notes. “I would […]

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Kenya: Covid-19 Better than CoronaVirus

In a puzzling Press Statement today, Kenya says coronavirus is more severe than covid-19. Explain why they were not taking the COVID-19 seriously by allowing 239 passengers from China into Kenya, the ministry of health said, “We have asked the 293 passengers from China to self quarantine because they are suspected of having COVID-19 which […]