President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged to build 360 new ideologically-friendly towns across Kenya before the eradication of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic 2022. Mr Kenyatta said the new towns would each hold 140,000 people and be built in every constituency in the country. The building project would coincide with a massive, nationwide compulsory purchase and demolition programme. […]


Kenyatta National Hospital to Build a Prison to Detain Patients Who Don’t Pay Bills

Kenyatta National Hospital is seeking funding from the exchequer to build a prison that will temporarily hold discharged patients who are unable to pay their bills. Seeking a permanent solution to a problem that has refused to go away, KNH said that the huge number of discharged patients being held at the hospital because they […]


Government Halts Kazi Mtaani, advises youth to resume their Job seeking Jobs

Kazi Mtaani is one of the projects by the government which seemed to give youths -irregardless of their education qualifications- hopes for survival. A huge number of graduates had embraced the project despite a low wage pay offered by the government. Recent developments however have left the youths surprised and worried. In a press release […]


Ravi Zacharias Downgraded from First Class to Economy Heaven after Sexual Misconduct Exposé

Ravi Zacharias, the famous Christian apologist who passed on in 2020 has found himself in the middle of a celestial storm after news of his sexual misconduct were confirmed by the ministry. The information which was released this week detailed how the famed preacher engaged in sexual misconduct and abused various women in the latter […]


Lorry Ferrying Premium Tears Spotted in Nairobi

Valentine comes with joy and happiness to young lovers, with men trying as much as possible to please their better halves. As the 14th day of the second month nears, young men will go to an extra mile to at least give their lovers a treat away from their normal Kibandaski delicacies accompanied by mutura. […]


Ruto, Raila Condemn MPs for Exchanging Blows at Funeral

Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga have condemned two MPs who exchanged blows during a funeral in Kisii County on Monday. In pictures and videos widely shared online, the two leaders – South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro and his Dagoretti North counterpart Simba Arati – are seen fighting on the dais as […]


IEBC to Determine who is a ‘Hustler’ and who is A ‘Dynasty’

IEBC is set to issue guidelines and regulations to be used to give direction on the individual classification that will be used to classify who are hustlers and who are dynasties. This is after a public outcry on the massive proliferation of fake hustlers who are now joining and popularizing the populist agenda ahead of […]


‘I am too rich to Be a Hustler’ Buzeki Explains why he ditched CCM

Buzeki has ditched CCM. This is after his party leader Isaac Rutto joined William Ruto’s ‘hustler’ movement. His reason are funny and might have some sense of sense. Buzeki claims he quit CCM because he is not a hustler and would not like to ride on the false rhetoric that he is a hustler when […]


Who is Mejja’s Father: Netizen now have a clue, Dictator of Collabos

He has been known for long as Mtoto wa Khadija, netizens have always wondered why Meja AKA ‘Okonkwo’ so much associates with his mother than his father. In a previous interview, Mejja claimed that his father was just a sperm donor. But now, an uncanny resemblance to the Late Dictator of Uganda Idi Amin was […]



Without a doubt, it is obvious that Arsenal Football Club, enjoys a massive fanatical following, the World over! Sources indicate that the global Arsenal fan-base is to the tune of 120 million. However, with the huge following and support, the London-based club has been the center of ridicule, especially due to the fact that other […]