PostaMate is the fastest growing media outlet in Kenya, offering you the best news you can ever find on the planet. Unlike many other sources that pretend to be objectives and offer fake news labelled as opinions, PostaMate let’s you know in advance that this is about satire and you do not have to do too much thinking.

Our news and stories are not bound by time, and we are able to bring you future news as well as explain to you the events that are about to happen. You can read About PostaMate to know more, or you can even explore some of the content from our reporters.

PostaMate is the reason why Kenyans have been very happy of late, and we wish to extend the happiness to the rest of Africa because even black countries matter.

To achieve this, we are looking to fill several positions* and we invite all the interested candidates to apply.

Chief Executive Officer

While the job description might be a little unconventional here, we understand that every serious business and even imposters need to have this serious position.

We are looking for a competent person to fill this position, and the duties include (but not limited to):


  • Being the face of PostaMate. You will be expected to represent PostaMate in local and international meetings, meet strategic partners, hold high level talks with head of states, and even appear in those conferences where you have to look important.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that our staff, interns and associates are getting the much-needed exposure because you know everybody depends on it.
  • You will be expected to figure out several commercial aspects of the business because no one in the team quite understands business. This is actually the most important role just that it is not ethical to list it as the first one.
  • We need to expand in several other strategic countries. You will need to create strategic contacts that can help with this.


  • Certificates are overrated. But if you do not have any, you will need to justify what you did with the first 23 years of your life.
  • This position is open to everybody who can deliver, including those people who may not have made it in life by conventional standards. This could be your chance.
  • A good sense of humor is something that we cannot compromise.

Chief Satirist

Satire is complicated; that is what makes it simple. We need someone who can offer directions in this area.


  • Guiding our editorial team in their brainstorming sessions.
  • Ensuring that the quality of satire is above average most of the time but world class twice a week.
  • Representing PostaMate where satire meets.


  • A proof of reasonable exposure and experience in satire.
  • Ability to think even when you are not thinking.

Content Witch

We are looking for a content machine that can create infinite amount of satire. You will be expected to keep writing as long as we are in good terms or as the sun rises.

We do not know what you qualifications should be, but we would know you when we see you.


Your application should reach us as soon as it is convenient for you. Canvassing is highly encouraged because it is the only thing that works in Africa. You know how to reach us.

*As of August 2020, we are seriously in the red and you might need to bring your own salary until we can figure out what we are doing. We hope this little matter does not ruin an otherwise good relationship with us.

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