KRA to Limit Filing Nil Tax Returns to Three Times

Kenya Revenue Authority is planning to limit the number of times that a person can file nil returns to three years, the maximum time after which a human being must be commercially viable. Speaking during a taxpayers sensitization week, KRA director general said that an increasing number of Kenyans were filing nil returns, yet their […]


Kenya Power Head Office Turns to Solar in Power Cost and Efficiency Strategy

Stima Plaza, Kenya Power’s Head Office, has launched multi-million solar power project in an attempt to cut costs and ensure that operations are not affected by power cuts. Speaking during the commissioning of the project that is being done by a Chinese contractor, Kenya Power CEO said that Solar Power was part of their long-term […]


Uhuru: Marriage Between Kenyans Prohibited to Curb Poverty

The government of Kenya has announced plans to curb marriage between any two Kenyans as a poverty mitigation strategy. President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that marriages between Kenyans were contributing to misery and poor mental health for the country since two poor people getting married only results in compounded poverty, which is still poverty, albeit, worse […]


Kenya to File for Bankruptcy

Kenya is set to become the first country in modern history to file for bankruptcy after the interest accrued from current loans exceed the revenue collected by the government. The situation means that by 2022, all the revenue collected by the government will not be sufficient to pay the interest from the existing loans, leave […]


IMF Under Pressure Agrees to Take Brookside Dairy as Collateral for GoK Loan

Kenyans on Social Media have successfully forced IMF to use Brookside Dairy as a collateral for the loans they are about to lend Kenya. Following thousands of appeals on their Social Media page, IMF said that any money they lend to Kenya will be secured using the dairy processing firm owned by the president. Should […]

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Introverts Spend 11.9 Days in The Toilet Every Year

A silent pandemic that is robbing humanity of its productivity is the huge amount of time spent by introverts in the toilet every year. Research by the Geneva based Institute of Human Existence shows that on average, introverts spend 47 minutes in the toilet every day, translating to 11.9 days every year. This is a […]


Kenya Power Seeks Monopoly of Electric Vehicle Charging in Kenya

Kenya Power has sought a monopoly for charging all electric vehicles in Kenya, setting the stage for tears and pain in the future of transport in Kenya. The electric utility firm that is known for daily reminding Kenyans that it exists wants to have control of all charging of electric vehicles in Kenya, raising questions […]