Juliana Cherera warns Against Weapons of Math Instruction

Dissenting IEBC Commissioners led by vice chair Juliana Cherera have raised alarm over the proliferation of weapons of math instruction in Kenya. In statement that was supported by Azimio leaders, the IEBC commissioners warned that many Kenyans were being recruited into the notorious Al-Gebra movement and using calculators to find some dangerous absolute values. “We […]


Kenya Meat Commission Appoints its first Vegan CEO

The Kenya Meat Commission has appointed a renowned vegan (name withheld due to fear of Social Media trolls) as it’s CEO. The military led institution announced its new CEO who is expected to lead the company to greater success after the military jumpstarted the formally dead company. However, questions on the logic of appointing someone […]


Why Kenya Needs the ICT Practitioners Bill 2020

The Kenyan Parliament recently passed the ICT bill that that requires the training, registrations licensing and a standard for practitioners in this field. This is one great step for ICT in Kenya. Although every sane person distanced themselves from the bill, somehow the Bill managed to sail through parliament after three attempts. ICT practitioners were […]


Kenya acquires a Morgue in Saudi Arabia to Cater for Murdered Domestic Workers

The Government of Kenya has taken steps to bring to an end the problems faced by domestic workers of Kenyan origin in the Middle East. Following numerous cases of murder by employers, Kenya has acquired a temporary morgue that will be used to ‘house’ the murdered until their families can raise monies to fly the […]


Kenyan MPs to be Paid in US Dollars

Members of Parliament in Kenya will get a partial relief from the runaway inflation if a bill proposed by one of them to have them paid in US dollars is passed by all of them. As the Kenyan shilling continues to weaken against all formal and complementary currencies, MP’s have realized that they can shield […]


Kenya Launches Green Card Lottery for Africans Wishing Live in Nairobi

Africans wishing to reside and work in Kenya can now smile after Kenya launched a lottery program that will allow them to be permanent residents in Kenya. The green card lottery program will see a select number of lucky Africans get a chance to live and work in Kenya with a guaranteed path to citizenship. […]


Uhuru Taps Seasoned Dowry Negotiators to Help Secure Affordable Loans

President Uhuru Kenyatta has contracted a team of seasoned dowry negotiators to help secure Kenya affordable loans in the midst of the ongoing debt distress. Speaking after the Labor Day celebrations, President Kenyatta said that the high interest paid on loans had become a threat to the national security, hence the need to ensure new […]


Hot Weather Causing Fuel Shortages

Scientists have explained the ongoing scarcity of fuel. Petroleum, particularly super petrol, is very volatile and boils when exposed to heat produced by the sun. With the global warming being experienced in recent months, characterized by high levels of sun, the country’s petroleum reserves have been hard hit. This affected the normal supply of petrol […]


KURA Reveals that Design of Part of Ngong Road was Sponsored by City Mortuary

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority has for the first time revealed that the design of the killer stretch of Ngong Road was fully sponsored by City Mortuary, a partnership that now extends to other roads in many urban areas in Kenya. Speaking at a thanksgiving service to celebrate the highly successful project, KURA Director General […]

Governance International

Black Tax Evasion now a Crime in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has become the first country in the world to criminalize black tax evasion. President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré signed the new bill into law, which will see every eligible person paying their fair share of black tax. The law will also ensure that there is minimal black tax avoidance. The black tax law […]